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Tooth Extraction Process

To ensure that your smile stays healthy after a tooth extraction, and to support your replacement teeth, we may also suggest bone grafting. Bone grafting is most often done to support dental implants, which require strong bone for support.

"The cost of tooth extraction can vary depending on conditions present and ultimately, what the goal of the tooth extraction may cost."

You may need a tooth extraction if your tooth is severely infected or irreparable. Here at our Irvine dental office we do everything that we can to heal a person’s teeth. Before we think of prescribing a tooth extraction, we recommend root canals. Root canals removed the infected portion of a tooth, and restore it, with proper dental material. When root canals are in-viable, it’s best to remove the tooth and start over. A dental extraction is when a tooth is completely removed from its place in your jaw bone, from root to cusp. This procedure is also known as exodontia, or exodontics. We will only extract a tooth if we feel it is absolutely necessary. Once a tooth has been expertly removed by our dentist, we will provide multiple restorative and cosmetic options to replace the missing tooth.

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